Nursing Home Abuse: Antipsychotic Drugs To Control Behavior Is A Chemical Restraint

The Record had an excellent article on Sunday, July 14, 2013, on the use of psychotic drugs to control behavior and the attempts by nursing homes to wean residents off the drugs with more personalized attention.  Antipsychotic drugs, administered to make residents less demanding, can cause the resident to become agitated, nasty, difficult etc..  On the other hand, other residents taking antipsychotic drugs can become  sleepy, unaware of their surroundings and unable to speak.  Many times these residents are found slumped in their wheelchairs. Antipsychotic drugs are a form of chemical restraint and should not be used unless medically necessary.

The article states:  “Federal health officials say getting elderly patients off antisychotic drugs is crucial because such medications pose a risk of serious complications when taken by those who aren’t suffering from a mental illness”.   Residents, who do not need the antipsychotic medicine, can suffer from inadequate food and liquid intake, incontinence, infections and bedsores.  Pharmaceutical companies have encouraged the use of antipsychotic drugs off label for nursing home residents and have been sued.

Some nursing homes are acting responsibly and weaning residents off the drugs and giving the residents more personalized attention.  These nursing homes understand the importance of residents having a better quality of life.

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