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Nursing Home Abuse: Owner Embezzled Funds

A Rhode Island nursing home owner embezzled funds and let the nursing homes fail.  The federal authorities have agreed to a $1.2 million settlement. To read more:  http://www.mcknights.com/doj-approval-of-12-million-deal-ends-case-of-owner-who-used-nursing-homes-as-piggy-banks/article/339386/?DCMP=EMC-MCK_Daily&spMailingID=8213073&spUserID=NDg4NjkzNzMyMTIS1&spJobID=261949836&spReportId=MjYxOTQ5ODM2S0 If you are looking for a nursing home abuse attorney, Russo & Kieck is a full service law firm in Hackensack, New Jersey.  We represent clients throughout […]