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Nursing Home Neglect: Boston Jury Awards $14 Million

A Boston jury awarded $14 M in a case where a  90 year old resident had a festering pressure sore on her back, acute appendicitis, a urinary tract infection so severe it had invaded her blood stream, kidney failure, uncontrolled diabetes, and severe dehydration.  She died a month after the conditions were discovered. To read […]

Nursing Home Abuse: Pressure Ulcer Lawsuit

A wrongful death suit was filed against a Texas nursing home  alleging negligent care in causing pressure ulcers.  The resident had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson/s diseases.  The care plan required a pressure reducing device on the bed and frequent turning and repositioning.  A pressure relieving mattress was not placed on the bed until 30 days after […]

N.J. Elder Abuse Law: Homes for Seniors

The Record published a comprehensive article on December 23, 2012, “At homes for seniors a grim record of lapses”.  This article focuses on “Alzheimers Homes” which are not governed by the Department of Health.  Rather, these homes are governed by the Department of Community Affairs under the Boarding Home regulations which are less stringent than […]

Nursing Home Abuse: Profits Over People

Federal officials have joined a lawsuit against a former operator of a Mississippi nursing home for Medicare and Medicaid fraud based on the filing of claims for services not provided.  The facts suggest “profits over people”.   The allegations include that the nursing home provided only the bare minimum of cash to operate the nursing home […]

Nursing Home Abuse: Court Rejects Defense That Handful Of Missed Assessments/Treatment Did Not Cause Adverse Effect To Long Standing Pressure Ulcer

In Golden Living Center – Trussville v. Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, DAB No. CR2634 (September 28, 2012), the nursing home argued that on the “handful of occasions” when the staff missed assessments and treatment would unlikely cause any adverse effect on the resident’s long standing pressure ulcer.  The Judge rejected this argument finding […]

Elder Abuse: Pressure Ulcers Also Known As Bedsores

On August 15, 2012, the New York Times, in an article about a giant hospital chain, reported that “Bedsores are ugly, painful wounds that can easily become infected and lead to dangerous complications for patients in hospitals.  Bedsores are also fairly easy to prevent.  If nurses check patients regularly and turn them or, in certain […]

Nursing Home Abuse: Pressure Ulcers and Feeding Tubes

The American Medical Association has published a study of the benefits and risks of PEG feeding tubes for healing and prevention of pressure ulcers in advanced dementia patients.  Advanced dementia patients are known to develop eating problems that lead to malnutrition, recurrent infections and hospitalizations. The study concluded that feeding tubes do not benefit this […]

Elder Abuse: Hospitals Fail to Comply With Medicare Reporting Requirements of Medical Errors and Adverse Events

The New York Times reports on January 6, 2012 that Daniel R. Levinson, inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services,  conducted a study that found that hospital staffs fail to report medical errors and adverse events in violation of Medicare requirement that hospitals “track medical errors and adverse patient events, analyze their […]

Nursing Homes: NJ More Expensive and Ranks at the Bottom for Patients with Pressure Ulcers

On September17, 2011, The Record reports that New Jersey’s facilities are more expensive and rank in the bottom 10 nationwide in the percentage of nursing-home patients who develop bedsores or are hospitalized. To read more: http://www.northjersey.com/news/health/New_Jersey_ranks_poorly_on_long-term_nursing_care.html If you are looking for a nursing home abuse attorney, Russo & Kieck is a full service law firm […]

Nursing Home Abuse: Kentucky U.S. Attorney Files Suit Against Nursing Home For Poor Resident Care

The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky has filed a complaint accusing nursing home officials of violating the federal False Claims Act by filing for reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid when the care provided was “systemically poor resident care”. The complaint alleges that some of the residents went days without baths, weren’t hydrated, […]