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Nursing Home Abuse: Complaints

A chain of nursing homes in Massachusetts was recently purchased by a new corporation, Synergy.  The complaints are continuing:  flimsy adult diapers, lax infection control, pressure sores, dirty dishes,  and not enough nurses. The article states that federal scrutiny of nursing homes is light and cites to Charlene Harrington, a professor emeritus of sociology and […]

Nursing Home Abuse: Understaffing of Nurses

There is a discrepancy as to the nursing staffing levels  between the data collected by Medicare and the self reporting by nursing homes on the government’s public website, Nursing Home Compare.   A new law was enacted that was supposed to base staffing on an accurate payroll method by March, 2012.  The implementation of this law […]

Nursing Home Abuse: Falls

An Iowa nursing home has been charged with wrongful death for allowing a resident to fall over 50 times.  Additionally the facility’s staffing is at issue in that it had one certified nursing assistant and one licensed practical nurse for 17 patients. To read more:  http://www.mcknights.com/good-samaritan-faces-charges-over-resident-death-linked-to-50-falls/article/326511/?DCMP=EMC-MCK_Daily&spMailingID=7624920&spUserID=NDg4NjkzNzMyMTIS1&spJobID=106990063&spReportId=MTA2OTkwMDYzS0 If you are looking for a nursing home abuse […]